Discover Mauritius

Praised internationally for its world-class standards and renowned for the hospitality of its people, Mauritius is an island nation prized by international investors. The country offers its wealth of historical, natural and multicultural heritage. Expect an unsuspected diversity of scenery, of sea and land activities and, as you go along, heart-warming encounters with its naturally welcoming people.

A colourfulculture

If Mauritius had to be summarized in one concept, it would be the whole world on an island. The population of Mauritius originates from mostly 3 continents which are Asia, Africa and Europe and this unique fusion of culture and multi-ethnic blend is what makes up the soul of Mauritius.


The tropical taste of the Mauritian cuisine is the result of ancestral recipes adapted to the local produce. Indian food, Chinese food, African food or European dishes always have a Mauritian twist to them. If the epicurean within you craves freshness, fresh coconut water and pineapples or fresh fish are available all year round.


Mauritius offers outstanding landscapes that reveal the depth of its volcanic nature. There is more to explore than what meets the eye.

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Anahita Mauritius, the most prestigious residential estate of the island, offers a collection of luxury villas and apartments, two 5-star resorts as well as two championship golf courses.